I have the distinct pleasure of serving on the advisory board of the Gonzaga University Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) Program. This program focuses on supporting students who are in recovery from or at risk for substance abuse.

In the United States higher education environment CRC’s are a growing community. The Association for Recovery in higher education has seen its membership grow dramatically to more than 40 programs across the country. Currently, Gonzaga University is the only Washington State CRC in service, and only one of seven CRCs in the western United States. Additionally, Gonzaga is only one of three participating Jesuit universities. Other CRC university participants include: Brown, Texas Tech, Rutgers, and Augsburg College (StepUP program).

Gonzaga CRC program has birthed the Our Unique Recovery “O.U.R. House,” a place for students in recovery to socialize, connect, and find safe, welcoming space.  This space also hosts four peer lead support groups around a variety of topics including: AA, Tea and Snack & Chat, Anchor: for families affected by addiction, and Technology Addiction.

This program is still relatively new to Gonzaga, but I am looking forward to continuing to help this program grow.