Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin has cut a tragic swath across communities and families, leaving countless people ruined as a result. For those caught in the grip of the drug, heroin addiction treatment is vital to helping get the individual back on track and healing the wounds caused with family and friends.

Use of heroin has risen considerably since 2007. Only two years ago, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicated that nearly a million people across the country had used heroin that year. Even worse, statistics in surveys like this are almost always lower than the actual number.

Heroin Addiction Rehab Services

Recovery Oasis offers an effective program staffed by caring and experienced professionals. They understand that recovery is a slow and difficult process that must involve loved ones as well as the individual suffering from the disease of addiction.

Assessment and Consultation

The first step toward recovery lies in assessment and consultation. We take stock of both the individual suffering from the disease and also the context of friends, family, and other aspects of his or her life. Our staff will perform an intake based on the BHT/LSAC to determine crucial issues to address during treatment. The results will guide our staff toward creating an individualized outpatient treatment program that provides the best chance for success.

We believe a person can accept treatment and be successful at any stage of addiction.

We also offer free consultations to loved ones who have concerns over a friend or family member who suffers from addiction.

The Detoxification Process

Many find the detoxification process the most difficult stage in recovering from addiction. While heroin dissipates in the bloodstream rather quickly, it can take up to a week to remove it from the system entirely. During this point, the addict will experience dramatic withdrawal symptoms.

Because of the strain that this process puts on the body, most experts recommend detoxifying under the care and supervision of medical professionals who have experience working with addiction and withdrawal. Recovery Oasis provides Medically Assisted Treatment in the form of Suboxone, Subutex, or Zubsolv. The treatment program will progress through four stages: evaluation, stabilization, maintenance, and, finally, medically managed withdrawal.

Intensive Outpatient Heroin Rehabilitation Services

While inpatient services are appropriate for some patients, many others can and should concentrate on obligations in addition to gaining sobriety. Recovery Oasis provides an outpatient program that allows patients to tend to family and work obligations while recovering from the disease of addiction.

These treatments include not only medically managed treatment, but also intensive group counseling and individual therapy sessions. We understand that recovering from addiction requires treating the whole person, including their state of mind. Without treating the underlying issues that affect the addict, it is difficult to have total success in recovery.

Reach Out Today for a Free Consultation

Recovery Oasis provides help and support for patients seeking a path out of addiction. We treat those who struggle not only with heroin use, but also alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamines and prescription narcotics.

Call us today whether you seek treatment for yourself or hold concerns about a loved one. Please feel welcome to schedule a free consultation to discuss our program and if it is right for you.

Addiction is a disease that few individuals or families are equipped to fight alone. Reach out today to take the first step in a life-changing journey toward sobriety.