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Meth Addiction Treatment

Over 12 million Americans have tried one of the several forms of methamphetamines for non-medical purposes. Although numbers are going down, the highly addictive and dangerous nature of this drug means that meth addiction treatment should remain a priority for the medical community.

At Recovery Oasis, we understand the powerful and tragic impact that meth can bring to the body and mind of the user, but also loved ones. Every treatment plan crafted by our experts includes attention to not only the physical addiction, but the patient’s state of mind, and also healing for those supporting the user.

We also do not subscribe to the myth that a user has to hit bottom before it is time to get him or her help. Our programs can help an addict at any stage in their disease to recover and get back to a healthy lifestyle. While recovering from meth addiction is a difficult and sometimes lengthy process, Recovery Oasis can help provide the tools to do it effectively and successfully.

Assessment and Consultation

Once the patient is admitted to our care, experienced and caring professionals undertake an intake process that determines major issues to tackle during treatment. Our staff relies upon the BHT/LSAC diagnostic tool to determine which issues need to receive attention. Results from this analysis will help the staff to work with the patient on putting together a proper and effective treatment plan.

Detoxing From Meth

The process of detoxing from meth is neither quick nor easy. Addicts experience not only unpleasant, but also dangerous symptoms that can cause harm to the individual suffering them and even those around them.

Initially, the addict enters what is often called a “crash” phase. They could experience extreme hunger, sleep much more than normal, and display irritability. This phase can last between two or more days until the patient enters withdrawal.

Withdrawal can last up to ten days. Symptoms can include exhaustion, but also the inability to sleep. They can also experience headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and other painful and unpleasant physical symptoms. Even worse, some addicts experience psychosis during detoxing, which can cause serious and unpredictable behavior.

Once detoxing ends, the treatment for meth addiction and road to recovery begins.

Outpatient Recovery Programs

For some cases, inpatient treatment is the most appropriate choice. Outpatient services, however, serve as a superior choice for those who need the balance of healthy relationships and work obligations as motivation. Our outpatient treatment programs provide strong support and supervision for those trying to break the chains of meth.

Unlike those recovering from opiate or opioid based drugs who can use Suboxone, methadone, or other medications, there is no direct medically managed treatment for meth. The medical team can, however, prescribe a number of medications that can lessen the impact of symptoms and reduce the severe anxiety common in those undergoing meth rehab.

Our outpatient services for those in treatment for crystal meth and other addictions include comprehensive attention to the potential root causes. We offer group counseling and individual therapy as part of the recovery program because addiction attacks both the body and the mind.

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