Evaluations, Interventions & Consultations

Each individual is assessed by a licensed Behavioral Health Technician and Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor determined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Second Edition Revised Patient Placement Criteria (PPC-ZR). Our evaluations cover all major areas of an individual’s life to help with diagnosis and to identify treatment needs.

Intake Post-Evaluation
At the time of a treatment set up, a BHT/LSAC in tandem with the patient, identify crucial issues to address during treatment. These issues are recorded in a Master Problem List (MPL) and an initial Individual Service Plan (ISP) is created. Patients are case managed to meet requirements and include individual counseling sessions, urinalysis, and level of care re-assessments.

Whether you are an individual concerned about an addiction, or someone concerned about the addiction of a loved one, Recovery Oasis offers free consultations at our offices.

From there, an evaluation or referral (legal assessment, inpatient) can be scheduled if necessary. Recovery Oasis is here to help with the recovery needs of individuals suffering from addiction.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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