Lakeside Recovery Center is proud to announce that we have become a founding donor of Pura Vida Recovery.

Pura Vida Recovery Spokane, WA

“We are pleased to support Pura Vida Recovery in their efforts to help ignite and sustain recovery in our community,” says Lakeside Recovery Center Executive Director Chris Mullin. “Through sober recreational activity, individual’s learn the joy of fellowship and the activation of their endogenous rewards system which they had primarily stimulated with drugs or alcohol prior to sobriety.”

Pura Vida Recovery is “an active sober community made up of men and women in recovery from drugs and alcohol. “

More from the Pura Vida website:

“By participating together in fun and engaging physical activities such as biking, paddle boarding, hiking, strength training, and other recreational endeavors, we will strengthen our emotional and physical sobriety. The core value of Pura Vida is one addict helping another lead a full, productive, and serene life. Through volunteerism, education, and physical activity, we work to better our family, our community, and our world.”

Pura Vida Recovery is an official Washington State 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation.