At Lakeside Recovery Center, we have cultivated many relationships in the rehab and substance abuse community. A successful partnership in the substance abuse sphere equates to being able to refer our patients back and forth with confidence.

One of those relationships is with Sundown Ranch in Yakima, WA. The location is an idyllic serene setting in the high desert. Canyons and hills surround the facility, and Mt. Rainier’s white apex is visible as well. The environment is calm, orderly, and permeates with the joy of true recovery.

I had the pleasure of visiting their facility a few weeks back, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share that experience.

For starters, the administrative staff, management staff, and executive staff are all very authentic and passionate in their desire to help those suffering from chemical dependency. Additionally, they are all very well qualified. I was impressed by the fact that the front office staff is saturated with certified CDP’s, and have a deep knowledge regarding substance abuse. In addition, the CEO and Clinical Director have both been with the company for over 30 years.

Their knowledge and skill sets have laid a solid foundation.

Sundown also has a commitment to providing opportunities for recreation. In recovery, recreation is an excellent way to stimulate an individual’s endogenous reward system and recondition the mind toward a healthy sense of accomplishment and well being.